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What Is Vegan Beer ?

Many people know that beer is simply water, passed through a variety of malts. Hops are then added to the kettle to provide bitterness and aroma. Finally, yeast is then included to allow fermentation.

So far so good.

So why are most beers unsuitable for vegans ?

It's all to do with the fining process.

Some breweries like to produce crystal clear beer simply from an aesthetic point of view. In order to achieve this they pass the beer through isinglass which is produced from the swim bladders of fish, particularly the sturgeon.

Happily these days most forward thinking breweries produce beer that has not been filtered through the above process. It means the beer may have a hazy or cloudy look to it but of course this is simply how beer should look.

Everything sold from our warehouse is 100% vegan friendly beer and cider. Just how it should be.

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